because i think i am.

Pinky: It’s for your best friends and its for all the promises that won’t be broken.
Ring Finger: For marriage and for proof that we will be together forever.
Middle Finger: Is for those people that deserve it, it’s to show them how I feel.
Point Finger: This is to silence them and to savor the moment. I can also point.
Thumb: I use to to let everyone know everything is fine. Thumbs up!

today you didn't come.

i have an eerie feeling,
as i just woke to bid the morning- hi,
today seems unusual,
as i stand uneasy in the shower.

my heart feels heavy,
my brain is a messed up dump.

my feet and hands nervously trembled.

as i stood there staring out,

wondering if i could catch a glimpse of shine,
amused by the cool breeze,
that when i heard the call.

when i hear your voice,

i really hope that is a prank,
it was so quiet,
that i could hear,

the whine of noise in my room,

simple emptiness of thoughts,

all quiet and silence and all motionless.

was it God's plan?
for something that will be at it worst?
today i think,
as i always have been wondering.
maybe it is written in the stars?

it's 9.30 am,

i am still hoping to hear,
your silent footstep along the hall.
and the gentle voice of 'hi my dear".

time is taking it's own sweet moments,

minute after minute,
seconds after each,
earth is spinning at its slowest speed,

when i wanted so much to hold you near.

crazy thoughts creep into my brain,
when ''what if?'' came flooding through my thoughts.

i remembered yesterday,

when u walk out from my door,
if i knew what would happen?

will i pull you back and hug you once more?
it all happens,
when today you didn't come.

you will never be lonely.

Somewhere there is someone that dreams of your smile, and finds in your presence that life is worthwhile, so when you are lonely remember it’s true, someone somewhere is thinking of you and that some one will always be me.

you complete me! really ...

when the sun don't seem to shine anymore

today the sun don't seem to shine,
and the moon no longer bright,
or when the stars no longer twinkle.
that's when u know,
how broken it is.

tonight no words left to say,
or memory left to play,
but just plan thoughts of you.
tonight i shall die alone,
banish into your love.

let me play in the rain.
so me and my aching heart cries.
i shall live in my lonely paradise.
is this my sweet mistake?
why do i live in a world so cold?
fighting in lonely battles?
it's broken now,
shattered and cracked,
and all that is left is an empty chest.

c.c by p.p

c.c by p.p

my B.U.C.K.E.T list...

laughed so hard till i cry,live my life with you,kiss under eiffle tower,kiss in the heart shaped rain,sign up for organ donor,watch sunset n sunrise wit love one over n over again, have romantic beach dinner,
watch a movie alone,,be a better first aider, join the united nation,
go on a nerve wreaking ride,
black belt in teakwondo, live happily with my prince, paste my love note on juliet's balcony, buy a camera, bungee jumping, get a car, buy a house, go on a cruise, ride a helicopter,
donate blood, dye my hair, para sailing, rock climbing, visit milan, visit rome,
climb great wall,
share true love kiss,, drive at 15o km/h, parachuting,

my p.p BUCKET list..-hope i can help too!-

1. Climbing Mount Kota Kinabalu
2. Have a romantic dinner with my love one.
3. Cheering her up and making her smile whenever she is sad or angry.,
4. Driving at 180KM/h (must at least break my daddy's record)
5. Visiting the factory of BMW in Germany.
6. Visit New York
7. Dye my hair.
8. Get a car for my wifey.
9. Get a American Hummer.
10. Underwater Diving
12. Parachuting
13. Helping my C.C to do everything in her bucket list
14. finish learning my German till A2
15. Success in my future
16. Loving my C.C and live happily after ;D
17.kiss in the rain

Favourite Quotation....

*all endings are also beginning, we just dont know it at that time...

*"Sometimes when you sacrifice something precious, you're not really losing it. You're just passing it on to someone else."

*"I like myself better when I'm with you."

*"Every life has one true love snapshot."

*We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.

*You can't live your life for other people. You've got to do what's right for you, even if it hurts some people you love

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